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Lake Management Plan - Revised/Approved 10/19/2019

In October 2018, the Jordan Lake Rehabilitation and Protection District recovered some archived Lake Management Plan documents. The Advisory Group plans to proceed with evaluation and possible updates of the most recent version. The remaining documents may be outdated or duplicates of other files on this site, but the links are below:
Lake Managment Plans
Lake Management Plan Part 1 - Revised 2016
Lake Management Plan Part 1 - Revised 08/16/2014
Lake Management Plan Part 1 - Revised 08/2013
Lake Management Plan Part 1 - Revised 08/2011
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Pages 20-26 - Revised 2015
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Pages 20-26 - Revised 2015 (Duplicate?)
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Pages 19-26 - Revised 08/16/2014
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Pages 19-26 - Revised 08/10/2013
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Goals and Action Items - Revised 08/16/2013
Lake Management Plan Part 2 - Pages 19-26 - Revised 2012
Lake Classification Short Report - Revised 2017
Critical Habitat Report - Revised 2017
Habitat Assessment Report - Revised 2017
Aquatic Plant Report 2000-2016
Aquatic Plant Report 2000-2012
Lake Classification Report - Revised 2008
Aquatic Plant Report - Revised 2006
Aquatic Plant Report - Revised 2006
Bathymetric Map
Endangered Resources Map
Historic Map
Land Use Map
Sediments Map
Soils Map
Watershed Map
Watershed Land Use Map
Watershed Wetlands Map
Wetlands Map

Added August 5, 2018: June 16, 2018 Lake Report Submitted by Mike Backus

Added October 13, 2009: 2009 Weed Hand Pulling Newsletter

Added August 23, 2009: 2006 WDNR Jordan Lake Fish Survey (Large file that may take a few minutes to download).

A weed pulling guide was prepared by Reesa Evans from Adams County.

     June 2009 Fish Kill Information (Note: No weed treatments had taken place at the time).
To: Scott Provost, WDNR
From: Mike Backus, JLRPD
While doing the survey with Josh this morning and afternoon we were approached twice by residents asking us about the fish kill they have noticed. They reported that a number of fish were found dead on the South shore the past two days. All the fish we observed had been dead for some time and not much use to us in being able to offer an explanation. Josh felt it was stress related along with a turnover of the lake water leading to a virus. The residents said that most fish had a white markings on the side like a "cancer". One huge Northern and about 10-20 Pan fish were observed. Just wanted to file this observation.
     Response from Scott Provost
I forwarded this to Justine. I suspect there may be some lymphocitis which would cause white looking growths. Fish are also susceptible to fungus which is like a white film and can get rather nasty looking. Columnaris infection, which is a bacterial infection, is common in the spring also. Columnaris is often diagnosed by looking at the gills on fresh specimens but also may have white film on it. I'm suspecting its fungus and columnaris but lets see what Justine says. All of these are natural ailments.

The documents below may be outdated, however have not been removed from the site as they may still provide some reference material.

Information Updated April 12, 2008

Jordan Lake is located in the Town of Jackson, Adams County, WI, in the south central part of Wisconsin. Jordan Lake is a natural seepage lake fed by precipitation, surface runoff, and groundwater. It has good to very good water quality and very good water clarity. There are 213 surface acres, with a maximum depth of 80 feet. Except for one section, Jordan Lake is heavily-developed. With no stream outlet, water leaves the lake through groundwater seepage or by evaporation from the lake�s surface. There is a public boat ramp owned by the Adams County Parks Department on the west side of the lake. There are also condominiums, RV campgrounds and resorts on the shore. The lake is managed by the Jordan Lake Rehabilitation and Protection District.

For more specific information, click on one of the links below (NOTE: Some of these files are very large and may take several minutes to download):

Lake Management Plan
        Based on Original Edition - August 2006
        Originally Adopted by JLRPD Board - September 2006
        Revised - Fall 2007
        Updates in Red - August 2008
        Advisory Group Recommended Updates Added (Page 27) - April 2009

Associated Reports:
Aquatic Plant Report
Critical Habitat Report
Lake Classification Short Report
Lake Classification Long Report, Part 1
Lake Classification Long Report, Part 2

Associated Maps:
Bathymetric Map Page
Depth Map (WDNR)
Sediment Map
Soils Map

2007 Weed Treatment Broadcast Zones Map

Slide Show from the May 6, 2006 Meeting. (Most photos have been removed to reduce the file size).

2005 Limnological Institute Aquatic Plant Study.  This is a link to a large .pdf file on The Limnological Institute web site.

Download a Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance publication regarding phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer here.